It’s the 3rd Quarter: Three Tips for Increasing Your Win Probability

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Whether you are a newcomer or an experience federal contractor, the third quarter is like a fitness and endurance test to get as many wins before 9/30.  The biggest mistake many federal contractors make is getting into the game too late or thinking they have a lot of time win before the seconds tick down to 00:00.

If you are a government contractor, one of your business development strategies should be taking advantage of government spending in the third quarter (April-May-June), which should be devoted to building relationships, responding to RFPs and scheduling briefing meetings. Hopefully, you are starting planning for this period in the previous quarter to win big! Here are some tips to increase your win probability:

  • Create a blitz by increasing your capture and proposal resources. Having the capacity and capability to respond to sources sought, RFIs, RFQs, and RFPs quickly is the difference between a strong finish or coming in the last If you are a small business, think about how you outsource this need, team or collaborate to share resources to create a blitz.  
  • Do outreach campaigns for set-aside, sole source, and year-end. As contracting officers are trying to meet their year-end goals, think about how you can help using a campaign strategy. OSDBUs and SBOs can assist you by hosting a conference call or web meeting to showcase your solutions. It’s a golden opportunity to make sure your pitch is on point.
  • Use contract vehicles to influence opportunities in your favor. Responding to sources sought and RFIs are great opportunities to pitch your company as the best solution, but take it a step further. Use these opportunities to influence the government to use contract vehicles (GSA Schedule, SAP, HUBZone, BPA, IDIQs) to save money, but are also in your favor. Limiting the competition is a winning strategy.

Winning contracts is highly probable.  Using these three tips will improve your winning strategies. Get on your mark: ready – set – go!

About the Author:

Renzie Richardson leads the capture and proposal management strategies for BHFL GOV.  She trains, coaches and provides capture and proposal writing services for federal contractors. To learn more about her winning strategies, contact her at

Renzie RichardsonIt’s the 3rd Quarter: Three Tips for Increasing Your Win Probability

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